Thomson QXE

Thomson QXE


The Thomson QXE Bearing Isolator combines proven labyrinth technology with an innovative expeller design.

The QXE is a true, non-contact bearing isolator utilizing double vertical internal chambers. Centrifugal force adds energy to contaminants, deflecting them away from your housing while effectively retaining lubrication. Two static internal coalescing o-rings exclude vapor ingress by breaking it down and directing it to the contamination exclusion chambers. The QXE can be split for ease of installation. 


  • Minimize Shaft Wear
  • Eliminate Oil Leaks
  • Prevent Contamination
  • Improve Lubricant Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Optimize Bearing Life
  • Expels contaminants
  • Eliminates lubrication leakage
  • Protects against water ingress


The QXE maximizes bearing life and significantly reduces operating costs. SAVE ON:


  • Lubricants 
  • Oil changes 
  • Labor and overtime 
  • Bearing replacements 
  • Equipment failures 
  • Downtime 

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